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Blues Rock World Vintage

Way cool music on ZZMartins YouTube Channels check them out.
David Eusébio
Musician, Producer, Composer and Teacher

Guitar, Ukulele, bass
Josh Hyde from Louisiana American roots, blues, jazz, soul, and zydeco.
Magnus Lang sounds from Magnus Lang
Jeff WilliamsRob Storm - Someday Later, Someday SoonJeff shared this link on ReverbNation of a new release which he played on.  "Cello sound"
Andy Summers
Renowned Guitarist

Real Rock on Andy's Gear List!  Thank You Andy!
Alain Perrenoud using Real Rock Gemstone Guitar Picks. Very Good
Beginner Guitar HQ To Approach Playing Guitar In Different Genres April 11, 2019 by Dan Peeke

Looking for a guitar?  Really cool article on choosing one, check it out;

How to Choose the Best Guitar, 15 Factors to Consider According to Science
The Guitar Scout  - Choosing Your First Guitar
Billy Sheehan

Renowned Baritone Guitarist

An Interview With Billy Sheehan

Thank You for the credits Billy!!!  from D & M
Carlton Pride Thank You for the picture!
Craig Chaquico
LOVE your picks!  Craig Chaquico

CRAIG CHAQUICO - '90s - '10s solo artist GRAMMY® Nominated Multi-Instrumentalist,  Award Winning,  Million Selling Solo Artist,  Billboard Magazine #1 songs and CDs  as Artist,  Composer,  Producer,
GuitarPlayer Magazine Readers Poll Winner for #1 Best Pop Instrumental Guitarist, Top 100 Most Influential Guitarists of All Time -JazzIz Magazine

CRAIG CHAQUICO - '70s thru '80s Former Lead Guitarist,  a Principal Songwriter,  Founding Member,
and Co-producer for GRAMMY®,  Academy Award Nominated,  Multi Platinum, #1 Jefferson Starship & Starship Band(s) 1973 -1990
Eloy Oliveira by Eloy Oliveira evaluating Real Rock guitar pick in Portuguese.
Visit Eloy's YouTube Channel
François FERLIN
Guitars Workbenches Workbenches - Very Cool!
Guitar Player Magazine
As Seen in Guitar Player Magazine
  New Gear Section February 2013 Page 35

  Gemstone Guitar Picks by Real Rock
Gemstone Guitar Picks by Real Rock
John SchillingJohn Schilling - Skip A BeatJazzy cool music video by John on YouTube
Johnny Asia
Guitarist of the Future
Maurice Arenas
NYC studio musician
TrueFire Featured Instructor
Mikes Master Classes Featured Instructor
And Featured Columnist
In my 40 years of playing the guitar I've realized that stone picks have the best tone, consistency as well as durability. 

Synthetic picks vary in tone within the same brand and are inconsistent in manufacturing. I've often found myself tossing brand new synthetic picks for this reason. 

Well with Real Rock Stone picks you have a real stone pick that is hand tuned, of the highest quality and lastly a consistently wonderful sounding tone. I recommend them highly!
NYC Reggae Collective - Louie Fleck
Excellant Reggae
Jazz Organ Trio From Ireland
Petillo Masterpiece Guitars

Hi Real Rock,

    "What a beautiful and well made product."
Dr. Phil Petillo
Excellent guitar inlay work, check these links out

With Bruce Springsteen on
Phil, Bruce, and a '53 Fender Esquire guitar
Scott Huckabay
The Guitar Alchemyst
View videos of Scott on YouTube
Mother, Father, Earth,
Tommy Merry
Excellant Guitarist
Woodstock Quantum Ensemble

Cosmic Musicians
Zane Carney
Actor And Musician
Sponsored Representative

Gemstone Pick Sound Samples
By Zane
"Walkin' Blues"  With Jessie And The Raindogs

"Drivin' Along"  With Greg Blum

Rand Schillinger
Beach Side Picks on Etsy
BeachSidePicks, online seller of genuine sea shell guitar picks.
Sharon Johnston ~ Pick Girl
Thank you "Pick Girl" for sharing Real Rock Stone Guitar Picks with "The Stars"
Indian Summer
Kerby, Oregon
Beadwork...Unique Creations...Rocks...Jewelry...Gifts...

Indian Summer on the Redwood Highway in Kerby, Oregon at "It's A Burl" Gallery
Real Rock
Stone Guitar Picks

Stone Guitar Picks

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