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    Real Rock Gemstone Guitar Picks
- Started in Merlin, Oregon in 1990 by Darrell & Mara Kramer.

    "Where The Vibration Starts" Since 1990

    When Darrell and Mara started their gemstone guitar pick business officially as Real Rock in May of 1990 they never dreamed their stone picks would catch on so completely.  Darrell, a third generation lapidary had been working with stone since he was a child.  Mara joined him in 1981 as an assistant in order to learn the lapidary art.  Back in the day before Real Rock they traveled the west coast selling their artwork as Darrell had done before they met.  The development of online commerce has allowed Real Rock to sell stone guitar picks in many different countries.  It is exciting to hear from guitar players around the globe, and to find that someone else on earth is going to enjoy our stone guitar picks.

    Real Rock handcrafted picks are known for their clear sound, precision action, and stony, mellow tone.  The handmade plectrums work very well with any stringed instrument that uses a pick, electric or acoustic.  Stone Guitar Picks are an essential addition to the guitarist's gear.  Real Rock has a wide range of shapes, thickness, sizes, and gemstone materials such as Agates, Petrified Wood, Jaspers, Tiger Eye, and Crazy Lace Agate available.  Real Rock assures their customers that the highest standards of craftsmanship are applied every step of the way to assure the guitarist of a fine stone plectrum, a quality tool for the musician.

    Real Rock has received very valuable input from their customers.  Putting all the knowledge gained about the properties and uses of stone picks back into production.  Real Rock would like to thank all of our friends and customers who have used our stone guitar picks over the years.

    Real Rock guitar picks are used by guitarists all over the world and of all skill levels from beginners to renowned professionals.  Known for their clear sound, precision action, and stony, mellow, unique, tone.  Some user comments; hear pick sound, great for acoustics, can use a light touch, can achieve loud sound.  Power chords.  Unique slide effects.  Durable.  Art piece. Collectible.  Excellent gift for that guitar player in your life.

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Real Rock Gemstone Guitar Picks